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Bixler I, II & Bix 3 Adjustable Motor Mount (UK)


I was lucky enough to have a Bix 3 airframe donated for FPV testing. We still have a Pitlab AP/OSD flight controller to fly and test. The Bix 3 looks like an ideal test bed especially when it’s free (thanks Mike Barnard for the donation).

The stock Bixler motors are the pits and feature have motor shafts with more bend than Fyffe’s bananas and hopelessly unbalanced. To prove a point the motor on the gifted Bix 3 had overheated so much it melted the motor mount and the inbound flight back to our FPV vantage point was tracked by Strategic Air Commands of several countries.
Bixler Motor Mount To replace the damages motor mount and also facilitate a larger propeller a quick tinternet machine search came up with a stunning bit of CNC kit from smallpartscnc.com in the USA. This I have ordered. But I also found a basic stamped metal and wood version from OrangeRX on an internet auction site.
bixler-motor-mount-upgrade (3)
First Point – it’s a tenner post paid
Second Point – it arrived in a day
Third Point – Come on your having a laugh? It has no motor mount screws, the supplied wood screws are too small for the laser cut wooden blanks that make up the tube. I had to glue the wooden disks together!
Forth Point – Two of the motor mount holes are hidden when fitted the Bix3 unless you modify it.
Fifth Point – It will do the job, it’s not neat or clever but it fits. More to follow as the build progresses

bixler-motor-mount-upgrade (2)

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