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UK Model Aircraft Regulations

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UK Model Aircraft Regulations



With the UK press vilifying so called “drones” in the hands of the general public it’s important RC Modellers understand their responsibilities when flying line if site aircraft or FPV aircraft of any type in a public place. To this end the CAA have produced a document CAP 658 in PDF form.   Download link at the bottom of the page.
Entitled “Model Aircraft: A Guide to Safe Flying” is a comprehensive source of information regarding model aircraft. It defines the relevant rules and regulations and provides in depth information on the following topics relevant to ALL model flying:



• General information
• Legal requirements
• Models between 20 and 150 kg exemptions and permissions
• Learning to fly
• Safety considerations
• Flying radio-controlled models
• Other models
• Control frequencies
• Model flying sites- models over 7 kg
• Electricity board guidelines
• Military low flying
• Model displays
• Occurrence reporting
• First Person View
N.B. Professional flying of RC Unmanned aircraft for gain or profit is covered is covered by separate regulations.




:: CAP 658 ::    Model Aircraft: A Guide to Safe Flying


:: CAA website ::



information correct Dec 2015

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